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Welcome To GLCC

As a Christian academic community, GLCC's task is to educate students for preaching and other ministry roles as well as for careers related to the church or other institutions in the public sector. In all instances, preparing students to be servant-leaders is central to the College's founding character, history, curriculum, and campus ethos.

I read not too long ago that there are two things we desire as humans: aspiration and affiliation. We aspire to do something significant in our lives. And we want to be affiliated – we want to belong. If that is true then the church is in the perfect place to meet those desires. Unfortunately,

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Core competencies are the attitudes and skills that every graduate should develop during a four-year program at GLCC. These qualities are necessary for success and excellence in any field of service. The General Education Requirements lay the foundation for the Core Competencies, and the majors strengthen and extend them. INFORMATION LITERACY:  Graduates will be able

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Programs in interpersonal and organizational communication allow students to build strong communication skills, which they need for successful careers and relationships.  The Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Major at GLCC seeks to establish basic and specialized skills and attitudes necessary for the work of being a servant-leader in the church and world. Students will have access

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U.S. Congressman Walberg stopped by to tour the campus and to visit with President Carter and staff today.  We have appreciated Walberg’s office being involved in the ground breaking of the Doty Center and the Knowles Learning Center.  His office also assists us with International student issues that might arise.

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A new look to our Ministry Major is creating a more focused emphasis toward ministry.  Full-time ministry in today’s church means employing a variety of skills and information to effectively teach and lead.  Ministry staff will teach lessons, design curriculum, manage conflict, evangelize, and mentor the members of their churches in a multitude of settings

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It’s important for any institution to know the path they are on and what they want to accomplish.  Here are the institutional goals that we pursue.  To provide our students a foundation for Christian faith, thought, and character that is relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the world. To develop in our students a

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