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University of Phoenix Agreement

University of Phoenix

Great Lakes Christian College and the University of Phoenix have a formal articulation agreement that facilitates the transfer of students who have received an associate's degree from GLCC into a baccalaureate program at the University of Phoenix. The agreement allows for maximum transfer of credit and a seamless transition for students earning an associate's degree. A maximum of 57-72 transfer credits will apply to the baccalaureate program. Additional general education credits may be needed to fulfill the program requirements at the University of Phoenix . Students transferring without an earned associate degree can transfer a maximum of 57-72 credits for courses earned with a grade of C- or better. If a student enrolls in the Bachelor of Science in Management program, the associate degree focus will be listed as an area of emphasis on the baccalaureate degree and the University of Phoenix diploma.

The Lansing campus of the University of Phoenix is located on Lake Lansing Road . Other baccalaureate programs offered by University of Phoenix and available for GLCC transfer students are Business/Administration, Business/Accounting, Business/e-Business, Business/Management, Business/Marketing, Criminal Justice Administration, Health Care Services, Human Services, Information Technology, and Management.

Visit the University of Phoenix website.