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GLCC Events


Calling all GLCC Alumni to Reunion and Resort Sponsored by the Alumni Association

July 28-30, 2013
More details coming soon!

It’s FAMILY TIME! All those who have been a part of the family of GLCC know that there is a special connection between all of us. That’s what this GLCC Alumni R&R is all about…family.

The Alumni Association wants to provide opportunities for you to connect with other alums in your area. We want to make sure you stay connected with not only the College…but with one another. With so many generations of alumni, our heritage provides
a safe, caring place where you can be yourself and know you are loved. Family is important and your GLCC family wants to stay connected with you!

Bring your kids and grandkids! Gather all your alumni friends and meet there! Meet other alumni in your area who share the same GLCC heritage. All generations of alumni coming together to strengthen, deepen and even build NEW relationships.
Nothing is more important than family and you are a part of ours! Please join us!