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The President's Pen

The President's Pen

A blog by Larry Carter, President of Great Lakes Christian College

Larry Carter’s passion is Ministry. This blog serves to encourage ministers to feed their passion.

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Most Christians believe that God’s laws, the Ten Commandments, were His intentions for us as human beings and were to serve as His blueprint for a blessed life. The problem is that something changed in us that frustrates any attempt to live God’s way.

It started in the Garden of Eden and has continued ever since. When man decided to go it alone he discovered that whatever he had become, it was less than what he was before. Inside each person there is a sense that we were made for something more, something better. There is a palimpsest, a faint memory that recalls the being we were meant to be. But that memory isn’t strong enough to counteract the change that came when sin entered the world. And the Ten Commandments became a burden instead of a blessing.


Instead of drawing many back to God it has driven many away. Instead of trusting God and being remade in His image many have decided to remake God in their own image. Instead of reverencing God they curse Him. Instead of incorporating God’s rhythms for life they ignore His call to rest. Instead of honoring their parents they blame them for what they have become. Instead of cherishing the life that comes from the hand of God they, in their rage at being cheated by Him and others, kill. They believe that someone other than their spouse can fill the emptiness inside. They steal because they feel that what someone else has is what they should have. They lie because it protects their false selves. And they covet because what they have become will never be enough. 


That is why we needed a Savior. Who can change this self-destructive direction of life? It is Jesus. He came so that we can be transformed into being what we were always meant to be.