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 The GLCC Ladies' Volleyball team, who entered the contest winless through their first three matches, were unsuccsessful in their most recent bid for their first win of the season, falling in straight sets to Grace Bible College on Tuesday night.

After losing the first two sets, both by a score of 25-19, the girls, backed by their boisterous supporters, rallied from 13-7 down in the third game to level the score at 16 before Grace pulled out a 25-20 result to win the match.
"It could be better," says freshman LaDonte Tarrant, "But we're learning from each game and and we learn from every mistake."
"We've gotten better each game," adds Whitney Brazeal, "We've been close with Grace before and each game we come closer as a team."
As an additional positive note, by the third game of Tuesday's match, the GLCC fans had completed a 'wave' across the bleachers.