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Athletics News


With the regular season in the books, it is time for the playoffs to commence and a champion to be crowned for OFL 2013.

The top-seeded Green team (5-0-1) look to complete their second consecutive undefeated campaign and championship under captain/quarterback Mike Vickers.

Blue squad (3-2-1) pulled down the second seed in the regular season thanks to quarterback Adam Burton and rookie of the year frontrunner Kory Stratton.

The Red team (3-3) has come on strong near the end of the season, riding solid performances from Josiah Leblanc and rookie Quentin Howard.

The Black team (0-6) has struggled with injuries the entire season, resulting in some forfeits and many games played shorthanded. They seem to be back to full strength, however, and not a moment too soon, as they will take on Green team in the first round.

Everything up to this point is just window dressing now. Two wins will garner a championship. It's anyone's game.

Game on.

Both games will be played at The Rock.

(1) Green v. (4) Black - 4:30 p.m.
(2) Blue v. (3) Red - 5:30 p.m.