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We're back!

After the first year of doing this blog, it was pretty much decided that this existence of this blog was a good idea and that we should do it again. Thus, here we are, back again at the start of a new school year and ready to roll out the red carpet on a new season of Crusader athletics.

Personally, I’ve absolutely loved doing the blog. It is pretty much a dream job. I mean, they pay me to write about sports, which any way you look at it is pretty cool. I also find it pretty awesome how many people have actually found this little corner of the internet and actually enjoy reading what I’ve written (well, I assume that you do anyway, you’ve made it this far into this one at least).

However, I will be honest with you. This job isn’t all gravy. You could count the number of wins that this entire program had last season on two hands. That’s pretty bad.

That’s Charlie Brown baseball team bad.

After a while it becomes very difficult for me to come up with creative ways to say ’they lost’.  And I’ve had plenty of practice. (see 2008 Detroit Lions)

Unfortunately, that has been business as usual around here pretty much since the beginning of time with a brief period of baseball glory in the seventies, which (for those of you with short memories) happened about forty years ago.

Ron Klepal and Phil Beavers were on that team.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons for the chronic bad-ness that has plagued this program. The most important ones probably being the lack of people to fill the uniforms (we’re looking at about 200 students this semester), as well as no scholarships for those uniform-clad people (per NCCAA Division II rules).

Don’t get me wrong, we love our sports. Our student section is amazing, and the coaches and players have a passion for the games that we love. It’s not that we don’t care about sports; it’s just that we’re always sort of like that awkward teenager who tries really hard to be great, but just can’t do it.

Insert creative transitional phrase. Something like, ‘but not anymore’.

Basically, we saw a massive influx of amazing athletes join our campus community this year. We were able to retain some solid talent from last year while adding a bunch of amazing new players to form a completely new kind of program here at GLCC. The attitude of the entire athletics department has changed. For the first time, the goal isn’t to just win a game at the conference tournament. The goal is to win the conference tournament and go to the national championships.

Great Lakes Christian College is a laughingstock no more. We’ve got a great year coming up in basketball, soccer, and OFL, and we’d love for you to hop on the bandwagon with us. Keep checking back here for updates all throughout the season, follow/friend/like/whatever us on all of the social media sites, and come out to Henderson Field and the Doty Center on game day to cheer us on. We’ll save you a seat.

Thanks for reading and here’s to an awesome season!

P.S. Looking for a name for this little slice of Internet currently just known as 'the blog'. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!