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Possible Testosterone Supplement Side Effects

There are basically two types of testosterone supplements – Are there any natural testosterone supplements? those that are legal, and those that are not. Possible side effects will vary depending on which kind of supplement the user takes. As with any medicine or vitamin or supplement a person takes, side effects no not always occur. They are merely a possibility. Those that over indulge or abuse their use of testosterone supplements (whether in legal form or not) are more likely to develop side effects. These can be as minimal in men as developing oily skin which can further lead to acne. Some men may lose hair. More serious side effects of over indulgence have resulted in liver damage – possibly even liver cancer. Abuse can also lead to kidney failure in some users. An enlarged prostate is another possible side effect. This results in pain while urinating. Women taking testosterone supplements can also experience side effects. When their testosterone levels are increased they can possibly develop male sex characteristics such as increased facial and/or body hair and deeper voice tones. They are also at risk of developing breast cancer.